Guess who’s ready to leave CNN…

Executives at CNN are apparently freaking out over the potential  departure of Chris Wallace.

The former Fox News host is currently driving major ratings for the network, but word on the street is that Wallace is looking to jump  ship and get back into more political coverage as we near closer to the 2024 presidential election.

From Radar Online:

“The network is lucky to have him,” an insider told the outlet. “They know that, and Chris does too, and bosses acknowledge behind the scenes he’s keeping the ship afloat. Without him they’d be sunk.”

“But Chris has been expressing himself in ways that have bosses worried he’s about to bail or another network is about to poach him. After all, Chris said himself he’s ready for a ‘challenge,’ and picking pop culture icons apart and interviewing reality stars clearly isn’t doing it for him!”

The report claimed sources claim the 76-year-old has had his eyes on getting involved in reporting on the 2024 elections — and his bosses fear he may return to far-right competitor Fox News, which would give CNN a black eye.

“One thing is clear: Rivals are circling, so bosses will do anything to keep him happy,” an insider said. “They’ll throw more money at him and feed his ego.”

Good grief, the last thing anyone needs to do is inflate Wallace’s ego further. This guy already thinks he’s a political god, so it’s no wonder that he’s itching to get back into the spotlight.

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