Texas AG Accuses Biden Admin of Aiding Drug Gangs at Southern Border, Fueling Migrant Surge

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton boldly asserts that the Biden administration is unquestionably “aiding and abetting” drug gangs at the southern border, leading to the surge of migrants entering our country.

With audacity, Paxton proclaims, “The Biden administration is not only failing to do their job but actively encouraging the cartels to amass billions of dollars while flooding our nation with people.” It is utterly preposterous that our own government obstructs our efforts to enforce the law while aiding these criminal enterprises.
In response to reports of a massive migrant caravan of over 15,000 individuals heading towards the U.S. border and record-breaking numbers of migrants in December, Paxton’s words ring true. The evidence speaks for itself, and it is high time we acknowledge the reality of the situation.

Moreover, Paxton vehemently criticized the Department of Justice’s recent warning to state lawmakers in Texas regarding the potential legal consequences if they passed a law empowering local law enforcement to apprehend undocumented immigrants.

“This baseless threat of a lawsuit simply stems from our genuine desire to safeguard our own citizens from the perils and financial burdens posed by illegal immigration, which should rightfully fall under their jurisdiction,” Paxton boldly asserted.
The attorney general further addressed the Democratic mayors of sanctuary cities, highlighting their vocal opposition to the influx of migrants into their respective communities.
“It is worth noting that these very cities, under the Trump administration, willingly embraced the concept of sanctuary cities and actively discouraged any attempts to fortify the border and impede the entry of illegal immigrants,” Paxton emphasized. “Now that the Biden administration has opened the floodgates, these cities are only experiencing a fraction of the consequences, while border states bear the brunt of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of undocumented migrants.”
The criticism of Texas by the mayors was described as “a little ironic” by Paxton, who emphasized that the focus should be on addressing a much larger issue at hand.
Sharing his perspective on the recent visit to Mexico by the administration, Paxton confidently asserted on Sunday that there is room for increased assistance from the Mexican government in managing the influx of migrants into the United States. Paxton further highlighted that the Mexican government took more decisive action during the tenure of former President Donald Trump, as Trump consistently emphasized the need for it.
Paxton stated with confidence, “There is no doubt that the cartels have been incentivized. They are gaining substantial profits, with each individual fetching them between $8,000 and $12,000. Their motive to attract as many individuals as possible stems from these financial gains.”
Additionally, Paxton firmly stated that instead of attempting to smuggle migrants into the country, the cartels are now directly delivering them to the Border Patrol, with alleged collusion from the governmentPaxton expressed, “The border now remains unimpeded for their drug trafficking and other profitable activities, enabling them to expand their network not only in Mexico but across the entire country.”

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