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Couple’s Dog Ate 4K Cash, They Recovered 3,550 in Worst Way Imaginable

We’re all familiar with the classic excuse: “the dog ate my homework.” It’s usually a good laugh, but what if, instead of munching on homework, your canine  companion decided to feast on $4,000 in cash?

Losing that kind of money would be absolutely devastating for anyone, and the immediate concern would be figuring out how to recover it. The couple facing this unfortunate  situation had no choice but to wait for their dog to do its business, embarking on the less-than-glamorous task of retrieving the cash from, well, you know where.

From UPI:

Clayton Law said he and his wife, Carrie, were having a fence installed at their home in the Point Breeze neighborhood, and the workers requested to be paid in cash, so he left an envelope filled with $4,000 in $100 and $50 bills on the kitchen counter.

Law said he returned to the kitchen about 30 minutes later to find Cecil, the couple’s 7-year-old goldendoodle, making a meal out of the cash.

“I walked back into the room and then all this cash was on the ground. He’s just like this, standing there, and I’m just like oh my gosh, he ate some of this money and was in shock. I yelled to Carrie, ‘He ate the money, he ate $4,000,'” Law told KDKA-TV.

The couple set about trying to reassemble the shredded bills, and came up with $1,500 worth of bills with serial numbers that were intact enough to have them replaced by their bank.

A couple more $100 bills were retrieved later in the evening when Cecil vomited, but the rest of the money involved a lot of waiting — and a whole lot of very dirty work.

The couple sifted through Cecil’s droppings for the next two days and used a utility sink to wash the shreds of paper so they could be taped back together.

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