AOC Suggests Fixing Illegal Immigration Crisis by Making It Legal

OC shared some deep thoughts while making an appearance on the Daily Show, which apparently is still on television.

While speaking about the border crisis, which has set records every consecutive year of the Biden presidency, AOC essentially suggested we fix the crisis by just not defining it as one. Or as she puts it, we can get rid of the “undocumented population” by “documenting” them.

“Well, here’s the thing, is that I think… From all parts of the political spectrum, one of the biggest issues that we have when it comes to immigration, is that we have an undocumented population. Now you can fix that by trying to build a wall. Or you can fix that by trying to document people” AOC explained.

Amazingly, these comments drew applause from the in-studio audience.

Watch below:



This, of course, has been the Democrat Party’s strategy for decades; to legalize a number of illegal aliens in the tens of millions, which would provide their party with a reliable voter block that the GOP will never be able to overcome. Yet if a Republican were to point out exactly what AOC outlined, they’d be accused of pushing a “great replacement” conspiracy theory.

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