LOL MSNBC Reporter Cries on January 6th Anniversary

For liberals, January 6th holds a significance  akin to the Fourth of July; they revel in magnifying this event into something of monumental importance.

In fact, an MSNBC host couldn’t help but choke back tears while discussing it on air.

Watch the video:

From TMZ:

A MSNBC host choked back tears live on the air while talking to a cop who was on the front lines of Jan. 6 — and in other news … new fugitives are in custody 3 years to the day.

Anchor Jonathan Capehart brought former Metro D.C. officer Michael Fanone on his Saturday morning program, and after recapping what had happened on 1/6/21 and introducing him … JC got emotional on camera before he passed things off to his guest.

Watch … you can tell the heartfelt moment wasn’t lost on Fanone, who also seemed to be stirred. Capehart took out a handkerchief and wiped his face a bit as he gathered himself.

Like we said, Fanone was one of the many officers on the scene on Jan. 6 — and he nearly lost his life as MAGA supporters stormed the Capitol in an attempt to stop Congress’s certification of the 2020 election … this after Donald Trump gave a speech earlier in the day.

This is really pathetic and clearly just an attempt to further politicize this event beyond others. After all, you don’t see hosts shedding a tear for the absolute destruction this country saw during the various riots in honor of George Floyd.

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