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Michelle Obama’s Election Panic: Will Individuals Be Participating In The Upcoming Election?

Michelle Obama made an appearance on Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast, expressing her concerns about the upcoming election year.

Shetty inquired about the concerns that trouble the former First Lady during nighttime. She responded: “What concerns me are the ongoing conflicts in various regions around the world. What benefits can we expect from AI? The environment, you know, are we making sufficient progress?”

Michelle continued the conversation: “What are we doing about education?” Will individuals be participating in the upcoming election? And, why aren’t people participating in the voting process? Are we overly reliant on our smartphones? I mean, these are the things that concern me, because we don’t have control over them, and it makes me question the state of society and our collective values. What can we expect in the upcoming election?

“I am deeply concerned about the potential outcomes.” Because our leaders matter. Who we choose, who represents us, who holds that influential position. It has an impact on us in ways that, at times, I believe people overlook. You know, it’s interesting how some individuals question the role of government and its impact on our lives. Personally, I believe that government plays a crucial role in our society, and we should never take our democracy for granted. And sometimes, I have concerns that we do. Those are the things that concern me,” Michelle also added.

The concerns of the former First Lady regarding the future arise following a report in the Wall Street Journal, which stated that former President Barack Obama expressed concerns about Joe Biden’s poll numbers and the potential threat to democracy posed by Donald Trump. Joe Biden delivered his inaugural campaign speech on Friday, passionately criticizing his presumed GOP rival Donald Trump for his involvement in the Jan. 6 insurrection and expressing his strong disapproval of his actions.

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