Disturbing New Details Have People Asking If Mary Lou Retton’s Medical Bill “GoFundMe” Was a Scam

Olympic legend Mary Lou Retton is facing significant criticism after pleading for help with her medical bills.

Folks started getting suspicious when Retton refused to disclose how the $500k in donations was spent, and now another bombshell has people talking. Back in 2018, Retton apparently had quite the windfall when she received $2 million following her divorce.

Seriously, where did that amount of money go in only six years?

From Radar Online:

The $2 million divorce settlement revelation has created newfound questions regarding why Retton was forced to raise nearly $500k in October when she was hospitalized for the near-fatal case of pneumonia.

According to court documents obtained by Daily Mail this week, Retton received $2 million when she and Kelley divorced six years ago.

The former Olympian, who turned 56 last week, also reportedly received half of the proceeds when she and Kelley sold their two homes – one in Houston, Texas and one in Fairmont, West Virginia – upon ending their marriage after 28 years.

Even more surprising was the outlet’s report that Retton also received an undisclosed sum following a lawsuit against the Indiana-based medical company Biomet in 2016.

Retton reportedly sued Biomet for damages in 2016 after she received two bad hip replacements from the company in 2005 and 2011.

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