Taylor Swift Reveals What an Elitist Snob She is With This Latest Stunt

At this juncture, it’s glaringly evident that  Taylor Swift not only enjoys immense wealth and success but also espouses fervently liberal beliefs. In the current landscape, being an elitist snob seems synonymous with adopting utterly out-of-touch political views.

Speaking of elitism and being out of touch, Swift has  recently made what might just be her most elitist and ludicrous move to date. For this year’s Super Bowl, the pop star intends to traverse a whopping 5,500 miles from Japan to Las Vegas in a private jet. This extravagant journey is poised to leave a considerable environmental footprint, a topic that Swift often addresses from her proverbial soapbox, ironically enough.

From Western Journal:

Private jets are up to 14 times more polluting than commercial airplanes, according to the Sierra Club.

In a 2020 Variety interview, Swift decried climate change as one of the “horrific situations” facing young people, along with “gun violence,” “student loans,” the potential for war, and “trying to figure out how to start their lives and how to pay their bills.”

(Of course, the singer is probably best known for her public commitment to gay, lesbian and transgender causes. She’s a celebrity. Leftist fads are all but part of the job description.)

Despite her trendy lip service to a trendy cause, the pop star blithely crisscrosses the globe in luxury private jets, which are responsible for as much as 480 times the CO2 emissions compared to the average person’s carbon footprint by air travel, according to the Sierra Club.

Swift’s environmental abuses were so egregious that in 2022, she was crowned the worst celebrity CO2 offender by Yard, a UK-based data analysis agency

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