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Lol: Top Nikki Haley Backer Thinks She Can Still Win GOP Primary

One of Nikki Haley’s top “Republican” backers, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, was confronted with reality as he tried to argue that Haley still somehow has a path to victory in the Republican primary.

Sununo tried to slam Donald Trump for “only caring about securing the nomination,” as if that wasn’t the goal for everyone running the primary.

“He [Trump] already has the nomination,” Fox’s liberal panelist Jess Tarlov interjected.

Sununu attempted to deny reality further before slamming the table saying “Nikki Haley. Nikki Haley 2024. I mean it.” For some inexplicable reason, the comment somehow drew applause from Maher’s audience.

“Let’s deal in reality. First of all, Nikki Haley’s not going to be the nominee, it’s going to be Trump. Let’s not argue about stupid things,” Maher fired back.

Sununu protested, saying Maher was discounting the voters and that many have still not voted.

“The voters do matter and they’re voting for Trump overwhelmingly,” Maher responded before offering Sununo 100 to 1 odds for a bet on who the nominee would be. Sununo then said that Haley winning the nomination wasn’t the uphill battle people think it is.

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