Bill O’Reilly Reveals Shocking ‘Real Reason’ Putin Won’t Mess with Trump

The left has many theories about why Russian President Vladimir Putin  and President Trump appear to have some common ground, but Bill O’Reilly has one that makes much more sense than an over-the-top dossier.

According to Bill, he firmly believes that Trump “has something” on Russian President Vladimir Putin that he’s using to exert control over him.

This unverified assertion of a possible blackmail scenario implies that Trump might have more leverage over Putin than is commonly perceived.

From BizPacReview: 

The tidbit of information surfaced during a video interview with independent journalist Tucker Carlson on X on Wednesday. O’Reilly pointed out to the former Fox News host that everything with Trump is a deal. Everything.

“He was an effective president,” O’Reilly commented. “He’s a populist, not a conservative, doesn’t have any of that stuff going on. It’s deal after deal after deal after deal.”

O’Reilly candidly commented to Carlson that is how the 77-year-old former president controlled Putin while he was in the White House.

“He won’t tell me what he has on Putin,” O’Reilly, 74, stated. “But I know he has something.”

O’Reilly has made similar comments before about the power the US holds over Russia, claiming in a 2022 Newsmax interview that America’s weapons could “wipe” Putin off the “face of the earth” in less than a day.

O’Reilly has previously dissed Russia’s military capabilities, claiming they don’t stand a chance against the United States.

“Putin is saber-rattling about using nukes, and ‘I’m going to do this, and I’m going to do that,” he told Newsmax at the time while promoting his book “Killing the Killers: The Secret War Against Terrorists.”

“The weaponry of the United States is far beyond anything that Putin has. If we chose to, we can wipe him and his government off the face of the earth in less than a day. We have those weapons in space right now, aimed right at Vlad,” O’Reilly claimed.

It’s an intriguing theory and certainly holds more weight than what the left can conjure up.

This theory is literally the  polar opposite of what the Dems assert, as they tend to believe it’s Putin who somehow possesses compromising information on Trump. However, as we’ve witnessed, this doesn’t appear to be true after numerous federal investigations.

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