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Cops Show Up to Britney Spears House Over ‘Knife Injuries’

It appears that Britney Spears’ bizarre fascination with knives is perhaps about to come to an end.

A recent video depicts the troubled pop star dancing with knives  while her frightened dogs look on in horror. Additionally, observant viewers can spot numerous odd nicks and scratches on Britney’s body, which many suspect are from the knives she carelessly flings around.

It seems that enough concerned citizens have prompted LAPD officers to visit Britney’s home and conduct a welfare check.

From TMZ: 

Law enforcement sources tell us the initial call for the welfare check was made by a member of the LAPD Smart Team (a group that handles mental evaluations). Cops made the decision to go to Britney Spears’ house because the person actually had some knowledge of Britney and her situation and wasn’t just a fan.

Once officers arrived, they spoke with Britney’s security who assured them she was OK, but didn’t want to speak … so the deputies left.

Britney’s attorney called the cops later that day, asking about the visit, and deputies assured him they only made the visit because the call was made by someone who knew Britney … they don’t make the welfare checks for fan calls.

Honestly, Britney needs more  than just a welfare check; she needs a full-blown intervention at this point.

I’m sorry, but dancing around your home with knives and posting it on social media is not normal behavior. When you take into account all of her bizarre videos, you can clearly see that she’s going through something.

Maybe that conservatorship wasn’t such a bad thing after all…

Maybe that conservatorship wasn’t such a bad thing afterall…

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