GOP Lawmakers Have Leonardo DiCaprio in Their Crosshairs

Both Ted Cruz and James Comer are investigating Sher Edling, a California-based law firm, regarding its climate litigation against oil companies, which is allegedly funded by undisclosed sources of money.

Sher Edling is funded by  many sources, but notably, the prominent actor Leonardo DiCaprio is a major contributor, thus catching him in the crosshairs of Cruz and Comer.

From Yahoo News: 

In a letter sent to Sher Edling partners Vic Sher and Matt Edling on Monday morning, Senate Commerce Committee ranking member Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., expressed concern about their firm’s activities in targeting major energy companies nationwide. The GOP lawmakers further probed Sher Edling’s relationship with a top Biden administration official over crafting climate policy.

“While people may use their resources to bring whatever cases they want — even those that may be so frivolous as to be sanctionable — it appears that left-wing funds are footing the bill for Sher Edling’s climate crusade,” Cruz and Comer wrote in the letter obtained first by Fox News Digital. “Radical activists are backing these lawsuits, too.”

“Sher Edling purports to be taking a righteous gamble that this ludicrous argument will pan out,” they continued. “The firm shopped these lawsuits to jurisdictions around the country. And to convince them to sign up for what is likely to be very costly litigation, Sher Edling agreed to provide its legal service at no cost unless it obtained a ‘settlement against the industry.'”

Cruz and Comer noted that Ann Carlson, the current acting administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), worked as a consultant for Sher Edling before she joined the Biden administration. Fox News Digital previously reported that she helped raise money from donors for the firm’s litigation, a scheme that involved famed actor Leonardo DiCaprio and helped recruit at least one state, Hawaii, to hire Sher Edling.

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