Megyn Kelly is Scared for Trump’s Life

As we’ve all seen for  roughly the past seven years, the left has been throwing everything, including the kitchen sink, at Trump in an effort to take him down, and nothing has stuck so far.

They’re clearly desperate to stop him in any way possible, and Megyn Kelly fears that this desperation may put his life in danger.

From OK! Magazine: 

On the Friday, September 22, installment of “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast, Kelly admitted she was concerned that Trump might be in danger.

“He’s so demonized to the point where I do worry for his safety,” she said. “On the other hand, you got ‘President basement’ Joe Biden, who barely puts himself out there, and when he there to greet the caskets coming home from Afghanistan, he’s checking his watch.”

“But they want us to believe that that guy, Uncle Joe, is the empathetic one, he’s a sweet one, he’s the kind one he’s the avuncular one, and Trump is the devil,” she argued. “And Trump is ornery, he’s a fighter, and he’s controversial, but he too, is a man. He’s a human, he has a heart, he has a family…”

Later in the episode, Kelly speculated on the thought process behind some of Trump’s controversial campaign choices.

“It seems to me, Trump, with these numbers, is pivoting to the general,” she continued. “He’s kind of moving past everybody else in the field, he’s not debating…He’s pivoting to the general and he’s looking good there too.”

“All that brings me to this,” she added. “Whether Trump is worried, whether there’s a realistic possibility the left is going to so meltdown as his power rises, as he rises toward a second term, that they try to do something to him God forbid, or that they try to do something to our country.”

“You know that the riots we saw around BLM, the total overreaction we saw to basically everything surrounding Trump, and certainly the way they described January 6 is the new 9/11,” she claimed. “All those things are going to culminate in some sort of like serious meltdown for our country…He really drives so many on the left insane.”

Megyn is certainly not wrong here…

The left has demonized Trump to the point where I’m sure many of their followers don’t even see him as human anymore; they literally see him as something as purely evil as Hitler or the Antichrist.

It’s a difficult subject to touch on, but the reality is that the left is deranged, and at this point, it  wouldn’t surprise anyone if they did start to resort to more violent tactics in their efforts to thwart Trump.

I personally always keep Trump in my prayers, as this has been a huge concern of mine since day one, and surely I’m not the only American who feels this way.

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