Did the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies Predict the COVID Pandemic?

And crap it is!

Who is sitting around a board room planning out the 2012 Olympics and says, “you know what I think we need?  You know what would really start the games off on a great note this year?  A giant DEATH walking around a room full of hospital beds.”

It’s creepy as hell and very demonic.

The only question is whether it was planned.

“Symbolism will be their downfall.”

Here’s more:

And remember this?

Predictive programming. The end scene of Captain America when he’s in time square, you see a bottle of corona on one board and the corona symbol on the other side of the boards. 2012 olympics with the corona sign and empty hospital beds 🧐 pic.twitter.com/UuhyABoWn6
— 🦋 (@MoonlashZA) January 2, 2021

Another scene from the Games:


This could be a bit of a stretch, given that the  opening ceremony was planned over a decade before the COVID-19 outbreak, but I personally wouldn’t rule it out.

Stranger things have happened, right





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