Hunter’s Daughter Vandalized The US Capitol while She Was Senate Page For Harry Reid

The Biden family is no stranger to controversy; from Joe to Hunter, there always seems to be some kind of drama and trouble brewing under the surface with this family. Now, we can add Hunter’s daughter Naomi to the list.

Supposedly, Naomi vandalized the United States Capitol back in 2011 by carving her name into the stone while she was a Senate page. Hunter was then forced to beg for forgiveness from the head of the page program following this horrifying incident.

From The New York Post: 

Naomi Biden, who was 17 and a student at Washington D.C.’s elite Sidwell Friends high school, landed a plum gig as a page for Nevada Sen. Harry Reid — then the chamber’s powerful majority leader.

Her grandfather, Joe Biden, was vice president at the time.

In June 2011, she and a fellow page were given a tour of the Capitol dome, a privilege ordinarily reserved only for members of Congress and their guests.

Naomi and her page pal allegedly defaced the walls around the historic dome.

“It was vandalism,” said one former Reid staffer. “I remember perfectly. On the tour of the rotunda when you go up to the top of the dome, they carved their names into the stone.”

“It’s up at the very top so you can only have a couple of people up there at a time. It would have had to have been on the tour. There is no way they could have gotten up there at any other time,” the insider recalled.

“They had to bring in architects and everything to buff it out.”

A second former Reid staffer said Joe Biden was informed of the misbehavior.

Hunter Biden — who spent much of 2011 leveraging his name and connections in the service of foreign business partners — attempted to stem the imbroglio in a desperate email to Elizabeth Roach, the longtime boss of the Senate page program.

“I am Naomi Biden’s Dad. I cannot express how sorry I am for Naomi’s behavior. I have been in meetings all day and just heard . . . what happened. As soon as Naomi is finished work today I will be speaking with her. I am very disappointed in their behavior, but understand that the intent was not malicious,” he wrote on June 30, 2011, in an email contained on his abandoned laptop.

Considering the fact that the Biden family has been entrenched in D.C. politics for this long, one would think they would have some semblance of decorum.

However, it seems that proper and respectful behavior is an entirely foreign concept to these individuals.

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