95-Year-Old Reservist Signs Up To fight against Hamas Terrorists

A 95-year-old Israeli man has become the oldest reservist to don his uniform once again.

After witnessing the horrifying  terror attacks unfolding in his country at the brutal hands of Hamas, Ezra Yachin has made the decision to rejoin the Israeli forces and inspire the troops by recounting his past victories.

From The New York Post: 

Ezra Yachin served as a combat soldier with Lehi — an underground paramilitary group active during British rule — who fought against the British and the Arabs to create a Jewish homeland.

He has now been called back up “to motivate the IDF troops and to recount how he survived Arab pogroms in Jerusalem during his childhood,” according to Israel National News, which shared a photo of the elderly man in his old uniform holding a rifle.

Yachin is being celebrated as a hero for his efforts, with Israeli media personality Hananya Naftali tweeting that his message is, “Don’t give up, not even now.”

Speaking of his childhood in the years before Israel gained independence, Yachin told how Arabs killed Jewish citizens in the streets — aided by British forces.

He said the British “prevented Jews from immigrating in many ways, and more than that, they did not prevent the Arabs who lived there from murdering the Jews.

“The Jews in the Land of Israel understood that they had to defend themselves,” Yachin said in a 2021 interview with the Israeli Defense Forces. “And so they set up the underground organizations, one of them being the Lehi organization.”

God bless this man.

He is living proof that one should never  give up the fight and should proudly stand up to defend their country against the horrible evil that terrorists are spreading.

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