Trump Says DeSantis is Wearing ‘Hidden Heels’ Inside His Cowboy Boots

We’ve all heard Trump talk some pretty  hilarious smack about his political opponents, but this latest dig he made at DeSantis has to take the cake.

Recently, Trump shared an image on Truth Social that accused Ron DeSantis of wearing hidden heels in his cowboy boots to boost his height.

From OK! Magazine:

“Tell me he’s not wearing hidden heels,” the caption read.

Trump reportedly stands at 6’3″, while DeSantis’ height is marked as 5’9″.

DeSantis has been mocked over his shoes in the past, with one of his staffers anonymously telling Vanity Fair that the boots were something his wife, Casey DeSantis, chose for him.

“She bought him these dumb— cowboy boots because she thought it was part of the image,” the source told the magazine earlier this year.


Just watch, after this, you will rarely see DeSantis break out those hideous boots.

Although I’m sure they’ll still make an  appearance here and there, since his wife did pick them out for him.

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