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Meghan and Harry Are Terrified of Kate and Williams Popularity in America

There is no doubt that Meghan and Harry’s popularity, both in America and abroad, has significantly faded. You might even wonder how much love there was for the couple in the first place…

However, with their spotlight rapidly diminishing, fellow royal  powerhouse William and Kate are witnessing their star shine even brighter, and this terrifies the Sussexes.

According to reports, both Meghan and Harry are becoming increasingly concerned about William and Kate’s recent surge in popularity, particularly here in the United States, as the couple is preparing to bring The Royal Foundation to our shores.

From OK! Magazine: 

It was reported that the Prince and Princess of Wales applied to trademark The Royal Foundation in America, and PR expert Andy Barr believes the Wales are hoping to expand the royal brand to Meghan and Harry’s newfound home.

Barr stressed that Kate and William can advocate for issues “with far greater ease and speed than their power couple rivals.”

“Whilst Harry and Meghan have a powerful and well-established network of celebrity friends and ‘fixers’, there is no substitute for being an actual, fully paid up member of the royal family,” he added. “The global interest and intrigue in the British royal family means that they are guaranteed crowds wherever they go and whatever they do.”

Although Meghan and Harry have strong connections in Hollywood, William and Kate’s HRH status is coveted by Hollywood elites.

“Instantly be injected into the kinds of high society connections and opportunities that even top-level A-List celebrities like Meghan and Harry would be jealous of,” the professional noted.

OK! previously reported the Duke of Sussex struggled with being the spare.

“All Harry’s complaining is really about the fact that he’s not number one, he doesn’t have a bigger role,” royal biographer Tom Quinn explained. “I think that’s why he clicked with Meghan because she comes from a society where if you work hard and you’re talented, you can get to the top.”

Well, it looks like, despite all of Harry’s efforts, he is still indeed the spare.

In fact, his decision to shack up with Meghan and continuously smear  his own family has certainly not done him any favors. It has only left him with lower popularity and an estranged family.

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