RAPAPORT RIPS SQUAD! ‘Rescind Those F–king Statements You F–king Jew Haters!’ [WATCH]

Actor Michael Rapaport went scorched earth on far-left squad members AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan Omar for calling for a ceasefire while condemning the actions of Israel.


Rapaport unloaded on his Instagram account.

“AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, you fake news f—s!” Rapaport said in a video posted on Instagram on Wednesday. “You’re just as bad as Muppet-face Marjorie Taylor Greene except I haven’t come up with nicknames for you yet!”

“Take down that f—ing bullshit, you f—ing Jew-haters,” Rapaport told the “Squad” member. “You hate the Jews. You’ve always hated the Jews. It’s been one of your agendas to perpetuate Jew hate. Take down your f—ing fake news tweets. Rescind your f—ing comments, rescind your f—ing fake news statements. You’re in government you motherf—ers!”

He continued, “The Squad- the biggest f—ing squad of Jew haters the United States government has ever seen. Rescind those f—ing statements you f—ing sick Jew haters you.”

Watch the clip below. [LANGUAGE WARNING]

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