Race Car Driver Just Won Over $1 Million On A Vegas Slot Machine

Slot machines are usually a big, old money pit. However, for race car driver Christy Georges-Barnett, it transformed her life in a literal sense.

Christy managed to turn a mere $25 into over $1 million by hitting the jackpot on a slot machine at the Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas.

Check out her hilarious reaction here:

From TMZ: 

The 63-year-old — who currently races USRA Dirt Mods and Super Trucks — won the jackpot earlier this week at the famous Caesars Palace on the Vegas strip.

The luxury hotel and casino shared a bystander’s TikTok video of the moment Barnett went hysterical … showing her yelling, “It’s a million dollars,” at the slot machine.

The crowd was in complete shock … and the camera zoomed in on the machine to make sure viewers could clearly see the winning pot was over $1.18 million.

BTW, Christy is one of the best female racers out there … and her need for speed took off after she decided to buy a dirt bike when she was just 20 years old.

Since then, she’s become a 4-time Dirt Track Pro Stock Track champ, a 4-time Open Wheel Dirt Modified Track champion, a 2-time 3-wheeler Flat Track champ (250cc), and the list goes on.

Georges-Barnett is also the only woman to win an UMP Dirty National title and the fastest woman in a NASCAR at Bonneville Salt Flats (208 MPH).

While it’s heartwarming to witness someone secure the elusive million-dollar jackpot on a Vegas slot  machine, I’m certain that some of us, myself included, can’t help but feel a tad bitter after investing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars into these machines, only to walk away empty-handed.

However, isn’t that the essence of gambling, after all?

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