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[VIDEO] Pro-Hamas Group Rip Down Pride Flag, Trample It on the Ground

Surprisingly, there are a number of pro-LGBTQ activists who actually support Hamas, despite its history of human rights violations.

But this support is questioned after seeing a video of pro-Hamas groups in London ripping  down a Pride flag and stomping on it.

Watch the video:

From CBS Austin: 

In an interview with The National Desk (TND), Israeli technology consultant and columnist Hillel Fuld explained the same U.S. groups advocating for Hamas would likely be killed by the terrorist regime that controls the Gaza Strip.

I welcome the LGBTQ community to go to Gaza. Let them bring their flags, let them go to Gaza and let them fight for human rights there and let’s see what happens,” Hillel Fuld expressed to TND. “They’re going to get lynched and murdered.”

Fuld’s passionate response refers to Hamas’s documented handling of homosexuality in Gaza, including allegedly murdering one of their own military leaders, for what they defined as “moral violations.”

According to Human Rights Watch, 34-year-old Hamas terrorist commander Mahmoud Ishtiwi was brutally tortured and eventually killed by the organization in 2016 for allegedly having sex with another man.

In an interview with the New York Times, Hamas writer Ibrahim al-Madhoun explained the extremist Islamic terrorist group’s religious rules resulted in Ishtiwi’s death.

He is harsher than other leaders – he wants his army to be pure” Hamas writer Ibrahim al-Madhoun told the New York Times in 2016. “Those who are in the Qassam are the most important people in Gaza. There is a need, they say, to show that these people are not untouchable.”

The BBC described the Izzedine al-Qassam Brigade, or Qassam, as the Hamas militant wing that carries out much of the terror operations in the region, including rocket launches from Gaza and bombing inside Israel.

This is where liberal ideology confronts a highly inconvenient truth.

It’s fascinating how they love to support these terrorists who directly oppose  all the progressive ideologies they believe in.

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