Creepy Joe Strikes Again, Bizarrely Asks 6-Year-Old Girl Her Age

In his latest bizarre interaction with children, Joe Biden expressed admiration for a six-year-old girl’s ears during a Thanksgiving celebration at a naval base in Norfolk, Virginia, on Sunday.

Biden, who turns 81 today, approached the child named Catherine, complimenting her “really cool” ears while leaning down and nearly touching the youngster. During the interaction, Biden jokingly speculated that she was 17 years old, leading to her correcting him, and awkward laughter ensuing from the audience.

“I love your ears!”Biden said while  reaching down to the child, nearly touching the headband she was wearing with leopard ears. “I love ’em. They’re really cool! What’s your name?”

“Catherine,” the girl responded.

‘What a beautiful name,’ Biden said. “That’s my mommy’s name. How old are you? 17?”

Unlike prior similar interactions, this one at least didn’t result in anyone being sniffed.


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