PHOTO: Courtroom Artist’s Rendering of Ivanka Trump Proves She Has Stage 5 TDS

It’s no secret that half of this country is still suffering from Stage 5 TDS, and as a result they can’t think clearly, and they certainly don’t behave professionally, as a result.

And that’s exactly what many think happened during the sham “fraud” trial going on in New York City against President Trump. The entire thing is a circus, and in order to make it even more of a carnival sideshow, the regime’s lackeys forced Ivanka Trump to testify, and during the trial, the court-appointed artist showed off her TDS, with her rendering of Ivanka.

Many people who saw the image believe that the woman hates Ivanka, and showed her disdain in the picture.

From Western journal: 

The courtroom artist who drew a rendition of Ivanka Trump during her Wednesday testimony at her father’s fraud trial in New York is being accused of being a left-wing activist.

The eldest daughter of former President Donald Trump testified against her wishes in New York Attorney General Letitia James’ case alleging civil fraud.

The Associated Press reported she said she was not close to the kinds of financial disclosure documents that are at the heart of the case.

Ivanka Trump’s testimony apparently offered no real insight into the Trump Organization’s business practices.

But her appearance in court might have exposed the bias of the court’s sketch artist, people on social media are alleging.

One X user juxtaposed an image of Ivanka Trump alongside her sketch and asked, “Where do they get these ‘courtroom artists?’”

Her neck looks like it’s 5 miles long. Clearly, that artist is not a fan of the Trump family.

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