Roseanne Barr Sets the Internet on Fire with Her Pick for Trump’s VP

Roseanne Barr lit the internet on fire when she decided to chime in on who President Trump should pick as his veep. Sure, we’ve seen a lot of names come down the pike, like Kari Lake, Tucker Carlson, and even Kristi Noem. But now, Roseanne has thrown a new name into fray, and it caused quite the stir.

So, who did Roseanne suggest? Well, herself, of course. Imagine a Trump-Barr ticket – it would be wild, fun, and a helluva lotta laughs.

From Trending Politics: 

Legendary comedian Roseanne Barr responded to a general inquiry from Students for Trump founder Ryan Fournier Wednesday when he asked X users, “Who do you think President Trump should choose as his VP pick?” Barr’s answer has gone viral in the hours since garnering an overwhelming show of support from conservative commentators.
Without missing a beat and in a two-letter answer reminiscent of her sitcom career, she replied simply, “Me.”

The response to her self-nomination was immediate and inspiring.

Who do you think President Trump should choose as his VP pick?

— Ryan Fournier (@RyanAFournier) November 22, 2023

Turning Point USA’s Bo Loudon offered his support promptly in the replies, while Tristan Tate of Tatespeech offered, “This isn’t actually a bad call. Trump Barr 2024? I’m in.”

Ha! We have to agree, this would be a great idea. Talk about shaking things up, right?

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