Rumors Swirling That John Travolta is Ditching Scientology After This Bizarre Move

Tom Cruise is often synonymous with Scientology, and closely following him in association is John Travolta. Like Cruise, Travolta’s fame extends beyond his film career to his well-known involvement in Scientology. Within the Church, he’s considered quite the figurehead. His prominence among the church’s elite makes the recent rumors about him all the more startling. There’s a growing buzz that John might be on the verge of leaving Scientology, sparked by a recent move he made that many are calling ‘bizarre.’

From Radar Online:

John Travolta was allegedly absent from a recent star-studded Scientology gala hosted by Tom Cruise — and it’s prompted speculation the 69-year-old is edging away from the controversial sect, has learned.

“Tom Cruise made a grand entrance by helicopter, but John — despite being a pilot with his own plane — opted not to come, leaving attendees puzzled,” an insider sniped to the National Enquirer.

A Travolta confidant claimed he’s backed away from the religious group in the wake of tragedy.

“His level of involvement has waned since the passing of his wife, Kelly Preston, and close friend Kristie Alley,” the pal told the outlet. “Despite their devout following of Scientology, it tragically didn’t save them.” has reached out to the Travolta’s rep and the Church of Scientology for comment.

Losing John would be a significant setback for Scientology, particularly at a time like this. Their leader, David McTavish, is already embroiled in a great deal of scrutiny and scandal. Such a high-profile departure could really impact their image and stability.

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