[VIDEO] Ron DeSantis Brutalized During “Hot Mic” Debate Moment Featuring Megan Kelly

Well, judging by the polls, it seems like folks aren’t really vibing with Ron DeSantis.

Trying to figure out why is a bit tricky. Maybe  it’s his not-so-genuine vibe, that pesky runny nose, or, as one panelist put it, just his face in general.

On a Megyn Kelly post-debate  show, a hot mic caught a panelist keeping it real, saying DeSantis looked like someone had just “shot his dog.”

Watch the video:

From OK! Magazine:

During the debate, Kelly revealed she had initially planned to ask DeSantis about his failure to connect with voters but decided against it in the interest of fairness. However, she didn’t shy away from expressing her personal opinions about the governor.

Kelly remarked, “You can’t craft a question like that without being very opinionated. It’s like me being like, ‘You’re not a retail politics person! People don’t like you in the way that you need, yeah, you’re lame!”

She further criticized DeSantis’ performance by stating, “You gotta stick to facts, and his numbers are just so dreadful.”

The controversy ensued when a clip of DeSantis responding to Kelly’s opening question was played. A hot mic caught Kelly saying something that was not very clear but seemed to be about DeSantis not liking the question.

In response, a male panelist was heard saying, “Look at that face. Looked like you shot his dog.” This remark was met with laughter from several people off-screen.


I get where this guy is coming from.

DeSantis does consistently rock that furrowed brow and a perpetual “woe is me” facial expression. When you add that to his laundry list of other shortcomings, it’s not surprising to see him tanking in the polls.

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