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“Bill Clinton in a Blue Dress” Ted Cruz Reveals Why Dems Are Blocking Epstein’s Flight Logs

The Democrats have consistently stonewalled Republicans’ requests to access  Jeffrey Epstein’s flight log list. The intensity with which they’re concealing this information is undeniably peculiar, but Ted Cruz has offered an intriguing explanation for their behavior.

During a conversation with Hannity, Cruz suggested that  Democrats might have something to hide. He pointed to the notorious painting of Bill Clinton in a blue dress and red pumps found in Epstein’s Manhattan home to support his argument.

From The Daily Caller:

“Look, it’s an awfully good question. A Fox News reporter asked him in the hall of the Senate why Dick Durbin and the Senate Democrats were blocking the flight logs of Jeffrey Epstein’s planes. And he claimed, ‘I don’t know anything about it. I wasn’t there. I don’t know about it,’” Cruz stated.

“On my podcast yesterday, I played the video and said ‘yes, you were there. You’re the one.’ It was my colleague Marsha Blackburn. She introduced an amendment that I joined that would have subpoenaed the flight logs and said we need to see who was on that plane. If there are prominent politicians who were involved in molesting young girls, we need to know – don’t protect them.”

“And I gotta say the Democrats are freaking out. He literally blocked all amendments. And in my view, Republicans on the Judiciary Committee, we ought to keep pushing to say we’re going to vote on the record. If you are covering up for someone who is engaged in molesting children, we’re going to expose it,” Cruz stated.

The Texas senator continued by asking Hannity if he had seen the viral painting in Epstein’s Manhattan living room, to which Hannity stated no. Cruz went on to explain the Clinton painting, noting it would traumatize him.

“He had – it’s really horrible. He had a painting of Bill Clinton in a blue dress wearing red pump high heels hanging on his wall. It’s traumatizing. If you Google it, you’re going to hate the image. That’s what Epstein had on his wall. Maybe that explains why Dick Durbin and the Democrats don’t want to subpoena those flight logs. They’re not going to like what they find in them,” Cruz stated.

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