Steve Doocy Comes Up With Wild New Idea to Stop Trump – Cohosts Quickly Shut Him Down

Steve Doocy is hell-bent on taking Trump down in any way possible, and his latest proposal is just about his dumbest idea yet.

His new brilliant idea is to have Nikki Haley  run as an independent against Trump. Of course, Haley running as an independent is not only a long shot but also unlikely to happen, as Nikki is practically a patsy for the GOP.

Doocy’s co-hosts were quick to point all that out to him, quickly quashing his genius plan.

From Radar Online:

“Wouldn’t it be interesting if Donald Trump becomes the nominee?” the television host continued. “Nikki Haley runs as a third party because then, you know, she — No Labels has said they want a Republican to be the presidential nominee — but can you imagine Nikki Haley versus Donald Trump and Joe Biden?”

Doocy’s pitch was immediately shut down by cohost Lawrence Jones who said that “would never happen.”

“She’s a true Republican, and she would never go against the party,” he doubled down.

“She’d wait in the wings till it’s her turn,” Ainsley Earhardt chimed in before the conversation took a lighter turn to Brian Kilmeade’s tie selection for the show.

If you needed more proof that Doocy is living in an alternate universe, look no further than this folks.

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