Donations to Harry and Meghan’s Foundation Plunge Into The Abyss

The Sussexes are taking hits, especially in their pocket books.

Meghan and Harry’s Archewell foundation  took a hit in 2022, reporting big losses. In 2021, they were riding high with $13 million in profits, but the following year? Ouch. Only $2 million came in. That’s a major drop.

From Radar Online:

The foundation pays the salary of five people, with the highest earner being Meghan and Harry’s right-hand man, James Holt, who got a six-figure paycheck.

He took home $227,405 a year, including a $20,000 bonus.

The Archewell foundation recorded a loss of $674k for last year but reportedly still has more than $11 million in the bank, with sources claiming it’s still “on track to continue to have millions in the bank each year for philanthropic purposes.”

Those same insiders told The Daily Beast that the numbers “reflect a healthy foundation” seeking “intentional, paced growth.”

Last year, two donors gave around $1 million each — a stark contrast to the year prior, when an unidentified wealthy donor gave them $10 million.

The mission of the Archewell foundation isn’t completely crystal clear— their aim is to do “good” through philanthropic work. However, it seems like people aren’t buying what their selling anymore.

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