After Being Branded “Biggest Losers,” Meghan and Harry Think 2024 is their YEAR

“You’ve gotta hand it to Meghan and Harry; no matter how many hits these two take, they always seem to maintain a delusionally positive attitude.

Even after being labeled the ‘biggest losers’ by Hollywood Reporter, the duo is ready to shake off the dismal last 12 months and is vowing that 2024 will be their year.

From OK! Magazine:

“Harry and Meghan are in extremely high demand,” a source told an outlet.

Aside from the Sussexes’ maintaining their popularity after their failed Spotify deal, the source shared they’re considering relocating to Los Angeles, Calif., to be closer to Hollywood.

“Harry and Meghan think 2024 will be the year of redemption,” they added.

In April, Meghan signed with WME, and the insider revealed the agency was surprised to see how people still flock to her.

“They’ve actually been shocked by how popular she is,” they noted. “Her team has never seen anything like it.”

Well, considering that both Meghan and Harry are a laughing stock to the entire country, I’d say that their ‘comeback’ is going to be a big, uphill climb.

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