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Disturbing 2014 Photo of Bill Gates Taken By Jeffrey Epstein Surfaces

New incriminating photos have emerged, and it’s not looking too good for Bill Gates.

Reportedly snapped by none other than Jeffrey Epstein, the image captures Gates in a pose alongside one of the late sex offender’s accusers. The woman standing beside Gates is identified as a Polish model who was in her twenties when the photograph was taken.


From Radar Online:

It should be noted that the Epstein accuser who appeared in the newly surfaced photo with Gates did not accuse the tech billionaire, now 68, of sexual misconduct.

“Without having legitimate connections to so many high-powered people, Jeffrey Epstein would not have been able to traffic most of these women after 2008,” said Brad Edwards, an attorney representing the Polish model who posed with Gates in Seattle in March 2014.

“He used the powerful people he was intermingling with to further facilitate his sex trafficking scheme, whether those people knew it or not,” Edwards’ law firm partner, Brittany Henderson, added. “He was using everyone around him to create this façade of legitimacy.”

Photos also reportedly surfaced this past weekend that showed the Polish model and Epstein accuser posing alongside other prominent individuals like director Woody Allen and former CBS News journalist Charlie Rose.

The Microsoft founder’s spokesperson released a statement on Sunday that dismissed the newly emerged photo and the subsequent backlash it created for Gates.

Gates’ representative emphasized that the tech billionaire “only ever met with Epstein for philanthropic purposes, which he regrets.”

Regardless of whether the intention behind it is innocent, Gates getting photographed with this Epstein accuser doesn’t bode well for optics. He’s probably in for some serious scrutiny from the court of public opinion.

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