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Newsom Steps In To Stop Efforts To Block Trump From The California Ballot

In the midst of nearly every liberal-run state attempting to bar Trump from the 2024 ballot, Governor Newsom of  California has taken a surprising stance that might leave many on the left scratching their heads.

Newsom recently thwarted a move by Democrats in his state who sought to emulate their counterparts and exclude Trump  from California’s 2024 ballot. According to Newsom, this entire endeavor is nothing but a political spectacle, and in his state, they settle political scores at the polls.

From Washington Examiner:

“There is no doubt that Donald Trump is a threat to our liberties and even to our democracy,” Newsom said in a statement Friday afternoon, “but in California, we defeat candidates at the polls. Everything else is a political distraction.”

On Tuesday, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Trump is disqualified from running for president because his actions on Jan. 6, 2021, violated the insurrection clause of the 14th Amendment. Other states have pursued the option of removing the former president from their Republican primary ballots.

The statement from Newsom goes against the plans of several California politicians who have been hoping to remove the former president from the Republican ballot in the Golden State.

In September, nine California lawmakers wrote to state Attorney General Rob Bonta, urging him to block Trump as ineligible for office under the 14th Amendment.

It’s challenging to determine if Newsom’s decision is inherently  politically motivated.

Given that his name has cropped up several times as a potential Democratic candidate, one might wonder if this move is a strategic play to garner support or maintain a positive image.

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