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Eww: Stormy Daniels Wants to Get Busy with Hunter Biden

It appears that Stormy Daniels is gearing up for another high-profile rendezvous, this time with none other than Hunter Biden.

In a recent interview, she expressed her enthusiasm for an invitation from Hunter to the White House, expressing her desire to “party” with him. Of course, we all know how late nights with Hunter and former strippers go…

From OK! Magazine:

“If I was invited, I wouldn’t say no — but would anybody? I mean, I want to check out the White House. But no, I don’t know anybody in there. I’ve had no communications. Although — oh God, here I go again, I’m going to get myself in trouble — Hunter seems like he’d be fun to party with!” the 44-year-old star said in a new interview.

Daniels’ remarks come in the wake of the first son’s ongoing legal issues regarding his laptop and complicated personal life.

Last year, Biden’s amateur p— videos, including a foot-fetish tape, were leaked, along with documents from his abandoned laptop that linked his father to foreign business dealings in China and Ukraine.

In 2018, Hunter also fathered a child with an exotic dancer while dating his late brother Beau’s widow, Hallie Biden.

Well, Hunter, it looks like you might’ve just found your next baby momma!

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