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What Happened to Steve Doocy? He’s a Deep State Plant Now

It’s official, folks—Steve Doocy has  unquestionably taken a dive off the deep end.

He’s been inching toward this peculiar, progressive ideology for a while now, but it looks like he’s plunged in headfirst.

During a recent segment on “Fox & Friends,” Doocy didn’t hold back in his defense of Joe Biden and his son Hunter. He took a swipe at Republicans, criticizing their inability to prove any illegal activities by either of the Bidens.

From Radar Online:

On Monday, Doocy and Lawrence Jones, Ainsley Earhardt, and Brian Kilmeade spoke about the recent indictment filed against Hunter over alleged unpaid taxes.

During a segment titled ‘Biden Crime Syndicate,’ Jones attacked the White House over Hunter’s laptop scandal. He claimed the polls showed Americans would not have voted for Biden if they knew about Hunter’s laptop.

One poll they referenced said 61% of voters said they think, “Biden had at least some involvement in Hunter Biden’s business dealings, with 42% saying they think he acted illegally, and 18% saying that his actions were unethical but not illegal. Another 38% say they don’t believe Joe Biden had any involvement in his son’s business dealings during his vice presidency. Just 1% believe Biden was involved, but did not do anything wrong.”

Earhardt then asked Doocy if he believed people who voted for Biden would switch to Trump or a Republican after the findings came out from the GOP’s investigation into Hunter.

Doocy said, “Absolutely. If they have the stuff.”

“The Republicans at this point don’t have — they’ve got a lot of ledgers and spreadsheets — but they have not connected the dots,” Doocy said, “They’ve connected the dots, the Department of Justice did, on Hunter, but they have not shown where Joe Biden, you know, did anything illegally.”

Clearly, Doocy is ready to defend the Biden’s to death and will likely die on that hill.

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