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What Is It With Bossy Women? J-Lo Now Coming Between Ben and BFF Matt Damon

Is there already a crack in the seemingly perfect foundation of Jennifer Lopez’s on-again, off-again romance with Ben Affleck?

Rumor has it that Lopez’s overbearing and controlling ways is creating a substantial rift between Ben and his longtime friend, Matt Damon. Ironically, this echoes the same situation from around 20 years ago when the pair first got together in the early 2000s when Affleck and Damon became estranged over his relationship with J-Lo.

If there’s one surefire way to disrupt a relationship, it’s a partner who isolates their significant other from their own life and friends.

From Radar Online:

“Matt’s had serious reservations about Bennifer 2.0 since the beginning,” snitched an insider to the National Enquirer. “He’s tried to be publicly supportive for Ben’s sake, but the fact is he hates the way J Lo treats his buddy and can no longer hold his tongue.”

The rumored demanding diva, 53, and the Good Will Hunting hunk, 51, have been allegedly butting heads over her controlling ways after marrying Affleck last year despite calling off their 2004 wedding.

“It’s no secret Ben and J Lo haven’t been getting along, as he always seems to be in the doghouse,” squealed the National Enquirer’s insider. “It’s obvious something needs to change, but when Matt started giving Ben advice, he totally blew up.”

It’s like déjà vu for the 53-year-old Jason Bourne star, who broke into showbiz with Affleck after they grew up together in Boston.

“It feels like history repeating itself because 20 years ago they stopped talking for the exact same reason,” alleged the insider. “But Matt can’t keep quiet, even if it means alienating Ben.

“Seeing his pal out there posing on one red carpet, totally playing up this role as J Lo’s arm candy, makes Matt nauseous. He can’t stand to see her emasculate Ben. But after Matt called him out on it, Ben started pulling back.”

Ben needs to seriously grow a pair and stand up for himself. He seemingly did it back in 2004 when he called off his wedding to J-Lo, so we know there must be some semblance of his own manhood left.

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