You Have No Idea How Butt-Hurt Harry and Meghan Were Over That Hilarious “South Park” Episode

If there’s one undeniable truth  about Meghan and Harry, it’s that humor isn’t exactly their strong suit.

The show South Park is renowned for its unapologetic approach in mocking public figures, sparing no one. While most individuals would typically take these jests in their stride, Meghan and Harry seem to be the exception.

According to the grapevine, the Sussexes were notably  wounded by the show’s portrayal of them as a “laughing stock.” The irony is thick, given that their own actions have arguably done more damage to their public image than the satirical depiction on the show.

From OK! Magazine:

“Getting roasted and portrayed as a laughingstock on Southpark cut deep,” an insider revealed, adding that Meghan, 42, was especially hurt by The Hollywood Reporter’s recent dig that the couple are the “biggest losers” of 2023 since the magazine “carries such huge credibility.”

In 2022, they got $2 million in charitable contributions, but in 2021, they received close to $13 million.

According to an insider, the duo are “adamant” the figures are wrong.

“They have no plans to roll over and let the haters win,” the source noted.

To make matters worse, Meghan was brought up during a recent episode of Saturday Night Live.

“A Christmas photo released by the royal family features a bad photoshop job where Prince Louis’ finger appears to be missing and — this is sweet — Meghan Markle said she has a finger they can use if they need it,” Colin Jost said during the program’s “Weekend Update” segment.

Seriously, you two, loosen up a bit. When you’re in the limelight, getting ribbed, especially if you take your self this seriously, is par for the course.

Meghan and Harry would do well to cut themselves  some slack and roll with the punches, instead of resisting the jests.

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