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Founder of Group Behind Colorado Trump Ballot Lawsuit Admits Soros Is Major Donor

The founder of the group behind lawsuit that resulted in the Colorado Supreme Court removing Donald Trump from the primary ballot has admitted that her group receives large amounts of funding from George Soros’ “Open Society Foundations” (which is now run by his son Alex).

The group in question, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, was founded in 2003 by Norman L. Eisen and Melanie Sloan.

While liberals love to deny being funded by Soros, or at worst, claim it’s anti-semitic to notice where his money is going, Sloan at least admits it. As War Room co-host Natalie Winters discovered, Sloan once admitted as much during a C-Span interview.

“We don’t have any restriction [on how much money donors can give] but I’d say our biggest donors are, for example, the Open Society Institute, is a very big donor [crosstalk] – it’s a foundation, it’s well known it’s George Soros who funds it,” Sloan explained. She then made the impossible claim that Soros’ funding doesn’t affect their decisions.

Watch below:



The clip was from 2009, but the money hasn’t stopped flowing. In 2017 alone Soros gave $1.35 million to her group.

A profile of Sloan from Mother Jones in 2007 describes as “the mastermind of a vast left-wing conspiracy—a cunning operative whose phony “watchdog” group, bankrolled by a shadowy billionaire, is out to smear politicians and manipulate elections. At least that’s how Republicans were talking about her last fall…”

They were, of course, being tongue-in-cheek with the “mastermind” description, but leftists always do this while essentially bragging about their influence. The article also tries to downplay funding she’s received from Soros, in which Sloan offers the defense that she was only motivated to seek out Soros funding after conservatives tried linking her to Soros. In other words, her defense is that she was constantly linked to Soros so she decided to link herself to Soros. While that doesn’t make much sense, it’s not like anything else the left does either.


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