Pro-Sanctuary City Chicago Mayor Continues Complaining About Illegals Being Sent to His City

Following the lead of New York City Mayor Eric Adams, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is the latest pro-sanctuary city mayor to continue embracing sanctuary cities while complaining about their consequences.

During an appearance on CNN, Johnson, who is somehow worse than his predecessor, continued complaining about Texas sending illegals to his apparnent sanctuary.

“What Gov. Abbott is doing is, quite frankly, it’s reckless. Sending buses all over the state of Illinois and all over the country is reckless, and quite frankly, it’s dangerous,” Johnson said.

“What I’ve called for repeatedly is, again, a coordinated approach between state and local municipalities so that we can address this crisis. We need more resources,” he added.

“In no way what the state of Texas is doing is helping the cause. As we recognize that there are challenges, significant challenges, at the border, we do need real substantive immigration reform and policies that allow us to have a structure and a pathway to citizenship,” Johnson continued, advocating for policies that would further exacerbate the problem.

Watch below:


Meanwhile, Mayor Adams just issued an emergency executive order to restrict bus arrivals to his city in an attempt to stop the flow of illegals. As it seems, the likes of Adams and Johnson like the part where they get to virtuously proclaim they’re “offering a sanctuary,” but hate the part where they actually have to offer one.

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