James Woods Goes Viral After Posting Damning Picture: “Everything That’s Wrong with Our Government in One Photo”

Conservative actor James Woods always  seems to nail it when tackling current issues, and his latest photo on X perfectly encapsulates our corrupt government.

In the snapshot, Woods shares a candid  moment between Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell, who appear unusually buddy-buddy. His caption reads, “Everything that’s wrong with our government in one photo…”

The post quickly went viral, with many online  reactions highlighting the irony that these two influential political figures can’t even manage basic tasks, like taking out the kitchen garbage.

From Lifesite News:

“When James Woods is right, he’s very right,” noted J.D. Rucker of the Liberty Daily, adding:

The level of comfort between ‘opponents’ in the UniParty Swamp is not a good thing. Proponents of ‘bipartisanship’ have yet to learn what that really means. Anything that Democrats can accept as a ‘concession’ has about a 3% chance of being beneficial for Americans. Meanwhile, the negatives they bring to the table are untenable.

This is why it’s a great thing that people like President Donald Trump are hated by Democrats. Any Republican who can ‘reach across the aisle’ and work with Democrats to make things happen is a member of the UniParty Swamp and should never be trusted.

Other reactions to Woods’ message, which had nearly half a million views Sunday afternoon, include:

“Two of the most powerful politicians in the country and neither one of them could take out a bag of kitchen trash by themselves, let that sink in.”

“It would be nice if law enforcement would come in and arrest every one of these people.”

“They’re probably laughing how they both stabbed Trump in the back.”

“This is the picture to use for term limits legislation.”

“Why people think Dems and Republicans are different I’ll never understand. The Dems will just take you down faster.”

“Say it with me James, u-n-i-p-a-r-t-y.”

“Actually what’s wrong with our government is that people are rejecting the obviousness of what this actually means.”

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