Rabid Anti-Trump Actor Now Says He May Vote for Trump Over Violent Illegal Aliens In NYC

Immigration in the U.S. is undeniably a hot-button  issue, and the situation has escalated to the point where even staunch liberals are expressing growing concerns.

New York City, in particular, is grappling with a significant surge in  crime, with a considerable portion of it being linked to undocumented migrants in the city. One alarming incident captured on camera involved illegal migrants brutally assaulting New York police officers.

This incident has stirred strong reactions among native New Yorkers,  prompting even the outspoken anti-Trump actor Michael Rapaport to contemplate casting his vote for Trump as a potential solution to address the migrant crisis gripping his city. The severity of the situation is causing people from diverse political backgrounds to reassess their perspectives.

From Fox News:

Comedian and staunch critic of former President Trump Michael Rapaport unleashed a scathing rant against New York City’s immigration problems and President Biden’s priorities this week, suggesting that if Biden doesn’t deal with the problems here at home, voting for Trump is “on the table.”

Rapaport shared a video to X Friday railing against the recent news story about illegal immigrants in New York City beating up cops and then being released shortly after the altercation.

Furious at the idea that the Biden Administration has been tougher on foreign issues than domestic issues like a record migrant surge, Rapaport opened the clip by slamming his fist on a table and declaring, “This is why when I say voting for pig d— Donald Trump is on the table, voting for pig d— Donald Trump is on the table!”

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